About Us

Hi my name is Zeke I started this company so I could share my fairing I design with others. After a lot of people asking were they could get one I decided I would build these for others who really wanted to have one. When I first designed the fairing I thought it was the baddest fairing design and still do till this day. Its really tall, fast and mean looking. Unfortunately not everyone is bad ass enough to run this fairing so we don't very get many orders.  I make these as a hobby for my customers and do have a regular job. Im just a one man show with the help of some nice ladies once in a while so If you need a fairing right now, this minute,  I would recommend you go to http://conelysaccessoriesusa.com/ they make a high quality fairings for the Fat Bob and probably have several ready to ship with operators standing by. I dont sell enough of these to offer this kind service, many of my orders are different sizes and styles so I make them after the order comes in.. This type of work is what is called a passion project, meaning im not getting rich off of these as they are hand made and require a lot of work to make by hand,  and they are made from my blood and soul. I don't and will probably never make a living off of these as there are not enough bad-asses roaming this great land.  I usually make these on the weekends and after work. My regular turn around is 1-2 weeks sometimes 3 weeks.  I never intended to mass produce these like a Walmart product. These fairings are hand made by me, they are not a perfect machined made product, i cut them out by hand and file them down by hand. Even my metal pieces are etched by hand and not CNC or computer machined. Cars were made way before computers ever existed and I use the same type of tools that were around long ago. You could say we are old school, very old school.


We are a neutral company and we support all clubs and motorcyclists. We love 1%ers and the outlaw lifestyle just like you do. Anyone is welcome to buy our fairings and run our products and be a proud owner of a Hate Machine fairing.  What is Hate Machine? Are we racists? Are we Nazis? Hate Machine is a warrior brand for members of the warrior class of society. Only few men are bold enough to bear our label. Many of our customers are Black, Asian, White, Hispanic and we are proud to have them as our customers.  If you dont like us Fuck Off. But if you are with us, welcome to our family and thank you for supporting Hate Machine. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for your support! .